Fly and Photos by Loren Williams

Shiny and hard, just like a BB; plus it uses a Slovak material called "Braid Back." The design intent behind this new pattern was to create a bulletproof attractor nymph that could pull fish out of fast water, yet be seductive enough to be effective in slower flows. The materials I use come in a wide variety of colors, so the possibilities are endless so the tier will have no trouble tailoring the fly to suit local conditions.


Hook: Mustad R50X (#8-#12)
Gold Tungsten
Lead Wire
Orange 6/0
Pearl Magic Shrimp Foil
Orange D-rib
Wing case:
Orange 2.5 mm Pearl Braidback
Lite Brite Multi-color
Tips from braidback

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Place hook firmly in your vise.

Match lead wire to the diameter of the hook's wire. Add 8 wraps of wire and stuff it into the bead's cavity. This adds weight and keeps the bead in place while you tie.

Attach your thread; taper the end of the wire coil and advance to the rear of the fly.

Select an indio Coq de Leon feather and separate out a few fibers

Measure to be equal to the hook shank in length.

Tie in at the rear and use the excess to further build the taper up to the wire.

Clip the excess.

Secure a strip of orange D-rip and, while stretching, bind it back to the rear.

Advance the thread back to the front and secure a strip of pearl Magic Shrimp Foil (shiny side up) to the top of the shank.

Bind it to the rear.

Advance the thread back to the thorax region.

Fold the foil forward and stretch it so it roughly conforms to the shape of the hook. Secure it with a few thread wraps.

Clip the excess.

Wrap the D-rib forward in touching wraps. I like to start the process with some tension in order to help build a pleasing taper.

Secure it at the thorax with some thread wraps. Clip the excess.

Cut a section of orange 2.5 mm Pear Braidback. You can purchase this product from Performance Flies.

Secure the braidback behind the bed and bind it to the 1/2 point of the hook shank.

Apply some dubbing to the thread in a loose rope. This product can also be obtained through Performance Flies.

Being sure you wrap tightly on the rear edge of the braid, wrap a pleasingly plump (read "a tad messy") thorax. That tight edge will prevent the braid from pulling too far forward on the next step.

Fold the braid forward and secure behind the bead with 3 wraps of thread.

Pull the excess braid back...

...and clip a bit longer than the thorax.

Unfurl the braid, there is no thread core so it is an easy process!

Split the braid and secure about half back along each side of the thorax as "legs."

Apply a small amount of dubbing to the thread and cover the thread wraps behind the bead. Whip finish.

A completed orange BB!